The forms module located in the dashboard is where you create and edit the inspection forms you want your drivers to conduct the reports.  The forms are customizable and you can create as many forms as you wish. To access the forms module, from the dashboard click on Forms from the left navigation bar. 

From the forms module you will be able to see the stats on each of your froms. You will see a list of all the forms you have created and the stats on each of them. You can click on each form and view the list of cards associate with it. You can edit each form, add new forms or duplicate a previous form you have created. 

Each form has a series of cards that are completely customizable. You can drag and drop the order of the cards or click and edit the contents of them. 

You must have a premium subscription and only a user with admin user permission can add and edit forms. 

When a form is added or edited the drivers will see the changes in the app in real time.

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