Firstly you will need at least a premium subscription to create a new form.  Once you have upgraded to a premium plan you will be able to add unlimited, customized forms from the Whip Around dashboard. Follow these steps to create a new form:

  1. Login to the dashboard
  2. Click on forms on the left navigation bar.  You can also click the quick add button located on the top bar of the dashboard (the plus + symbol at the the top right of the dashboard. Then click add form)
  3. Once you are in the forms module, click on the green add new form button located at the center of the screen. 

You will have the option to create a new form from scratch or use a template. In this help section we will focus on creating a new form from scratch. 

Enter the the name of the new form you want to create and click the green create button. 

Whip Around's forms are made up of a series of cards. You can have check (pass/fail) cards and data entry cards. To add a card click the green add card button. You will be take to the card creation page.

  1. Enter the the title of the card (this is usually the area of the vehicle the driver will inspect.
  2. Choose the type of card from the drop down menu. Check, data entry numeric of alpha numeric. 
  3. You can then enter up to 5 points for your drivers to inspect. These are usually sub categories for the area of the vehicle they are inspecting.  Note, when selecting a data entry card only one point will be available.  

As you add more and more cards you form will start to look like the below form. You can drag and drop the order of the cards. The idea is to try and make the inspection a fluid as possible to save the driver from having to go backwards and forwards and stead a complete movement around the vehicle.  Get it so they are doing a "quick Whip Around".

Once you have finished creating your form, click the blue save button. The form will be live in the app for your drivers to use straight away. 

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