As a manager using the Whip Around platform you are only going to want to view what you are responsible for at any given time. Whip Around enables you to easily add drivers, sort them into teams (groups) by department, location, etc and assign permissions.

You have the option to follow and unfollow individual drivers. 

What does following and unfollowing mean?

Following means that you as a manager will see the data in the analytics and leaderboards for the drivers you are following. It also means that you will receive notifications for these drivers. You can set you notifications to the following:

If you are unfollowing a driver, you will not see any analytics of leaderboards for that particular driver and no notifications will come through. 

From industry experience organisations generally set up their fleet managers up to follow the team they directly manage and turn notifications on. They set up their senior executives including directors of the organisation so they follow all teams with notifications turned off. 

The great thing about the following and unfollowing buttons is that it is easy to manage drivers that floating across multiple business units. 

How to follow and unfollow drivers

  1. Login to the dashboard
  2. Click on drivers on the left navigation bar.  
  3. Once you are in the drivers module, from the list of drivers select the driver you want to follow/unfollow. 
  4. A profile of the driver will appear on the right had side of the list of drivers.
  5. Click on follow/unfollow

Please note; if you are following a team that the driver is a part of, you are automatically following the driver and this will show up in orange "Following team". 

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