Whip Around doesn't have a cap on the number of drivers you can add across any of the subscriptions.
Follow these steps to add a new driver:

  1. Login to the dashboard
  2. Click on drivers on the left navigation bar.  You can also click the quick add button located on the top bar of the dashboard (the plus + symbol at the the top right of the dashboard. Then click add driver)
  3. Once you are in the vehicles module, click on the green add new driver button located at the center of the screen. 

Once you are on the add new driver page you will be prompted to add you drivers details. The minimum requirement to create a driver is a first name, a last name, an app username and a password.

To add the app username and password switch from the personal tab to the job details tab seen below. 

You can add a complete profile for each of your drivers and upload/download documents to the platform. 

Once you have finished adding the drivers details click the green save and back to profile button. 

If you run Human Resources software you can build an integration to sync Whip Around with it to streamline data flow. 

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