The dashboard module gives you an overall snapshot of the performance of your organisation. It provides analytics, leaderboards and daily action tasks to help managers stay on top of compliance and unforeseen maintenance of the vehicles. You can access the dashboard by logging into your Whip Around dashboard and clicking on dashboard on the left navigation bar. 

The top section provides stats on the number of inspections, faults, vehicles, drivers and teams. Select your chosen date range and view the analytics for the teams you manage. See how many inspections are being performed and the number of faults that have been flagged. Look for trends and compare previous periods to make informed decisions.

The middle section gives you detailed stats on the inspections and faults along with a list of faults that have been flagged for that particular day that need to be reviewed. View the list of the days faults that have been flagged by your drivers. Click on each to view the details and change their status. Quickly see the number of new faults outstanding and faults that are still in progress. Compare current stats to previous periods. Click through on all stats to view the details and take action.  

The bottom section provides you leaderboards and stats for your teams, drivers and vehicles. Have meaningful discussions with your drivers with real-time data leaderboards. Keep quality and safety standards high by ensuring inspections are being completed regularly by your drivers. Make informed vehicles purchase decisions by seeing which vehicles perform the best. See a snapshot of each of the teams you follow to see how they are performing.

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