The Whip Around 'Reminders' module is where you can set up automated reminders to your drivers for missed inspections or daily reminders for other tasks. You can set up reminders for managers to stay on top of fleet management as well. 

You can access the Reminders module by logging in here. 

Click on the 'Reminder' module from the menu on the left.

From the Reminders module you can select a date range filter (top left), view your upcoming reminders and completed reminders. You can create 3 different types of reminders:

  1. Missed inspection reminder - Notify both drivers and managers when a required routing inspection is missed.
  2. Driver reminder - Notify drivers of something they need to do on a regular basis. 
  3. Manager reminder - Notify managers for regular items such as licence expiration, health screenings and fleet maintenance.  

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