If you've never used Whip Around before, you'll need to sign up first for a Whip Around account. Try out Whip Around for free or start paying for a subscription right away.

Sign up for a Whip Around account

  1. Go to the Whip Around sign up page
  1. You can choose to signup with your Facebook or Google credentials or complete your Name, Email and a Password.
  2. Click the green Sign up button.
  3. You will be automatically signed in and set to go.
  4. By clicking the green Sign up button your will automatically agree to Whip Around's Terms Of Use.
  5. Go to your email inbox and open the Welcome to Whip Around email with instructions on how to start using Whip Around.                                                      
  6. if you don’t receive the email within a minute or so. Check your spam folder. 
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