From time to time you may wish to change your plan. Whip Around makes this easy to do from the dashboard. Follow these steps to adjust your plan.

  1. Login in to the dashboard here.
  2. Enter your credentials or sign in with your Google or Facebook credentials
  3. Once you are logged in click on the green View Subscription button at the top of the page. 
  4. You will see three (3) types of subscriptions; Freemium, Premium and Enterprise. You can change to Freemium or adjust your fleet size in Premium.  To upgrade to a Enterprise Subscription you will need to contact us and speak to our Enterprise sales team.  
  5. To adjust your vehicle limit, simply select the fleet size from the drop down menu under the Premium Plan section. 
  6. Click the apply plan button underneath the plan section.  This will automatically change your plan for you and your billing amount will automatically be adjusted. 
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